How can I return the product I purchased?

As NOTFROMHERE, customer satisfaction is very important for us. You can return the product you purchased in 15 days without any reason. Swimwear and lingerie products are not accepted due to hygiene. You may return the products in the original packaging provided that the labels have not been removed and used. You can follow the steps below for the return process.

Please contact us for the return code. Put the products in a single bag and send your invoice and return code to the relevant UPS company within 7 days.  When the return product is received by us, the process will be completed as soon as possible and you will be informed. (There is need to enter a return address when the return code is forwarded to the shipping company.) If you are not a registered user, contact Customer Service at [email protected] for a refund.


When will I receive the refund of my order?

After the product reaches us, the eligibility of the return conditions is checked. If the product does not meet the return conditions, it will be returned to your address. If appropriate, the process is completed within 7-10 days. After the cancellation and return process is completed, an informative message is sent to your registered e-mail. The period of return of the returned amount to your account is related to your bank. If you pay by credit card, you will usually be refunded within 2-3 days. The refund process may be longer if you pay by bank card. If you are shopping in installments, your money will be refunded as much as the number of installments per month.

Do the shipping costs of the returned products belong to your company?

You can send the product to the relevant shipping company for FREE with your return code. If you do not transmit the cargo return code, the shipping charge belongs to you.

Which products are not refundable?

The swimwear and lingerie products are not accepted due to hygiene. For other products, it is sufficient that it has not been used and the label has not been removed.

15-day return period expired, can I return the product?

When the legal check-out period expires, we are unable to accept returns for any reason whatsoever.